How I Use to Focus on Programming

I’ve started using (formerly HabitRPG) to manage my to-do lists. It turns your to-do list into a role playing game.

If you aren’t familiar with Habitica, check out this video tutorial.

Basically, you divide your to-do items into three categories:

  1. Habits -- things that you want to do regularly
  2. Dailies -- things that you want to do every day
  3. To-dos -- one-time tasks

I want to become better at focusing on reading and programming. In my “dailies” section, I added pomodoro-style reading and programming sessions. Basically, I set a 25-minute timer and either read or program. I click the plus sign for every 25-minute study session.


I also keep a reading list in the “to-do” section. The main item is called “September Reading List” and it has checkboxes for each book that I intend to finish by the end of the month.

To-do reading list

Habitica is Free software, licensed under the GPL 3. You can contribute to the code via Github.

A few of us have a Code Self Study party on Habitica. If you would like to join, email your Habitica username to and I’ll add you.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks, but it’s making me at least a bit more productive. Give it a try!